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The Denver Post reported along November 9 2016 that 26 Colorado municipalities have sanctioned ballot measures allowing them to explore the idea of offer free adult war games their have band internet service joining 69 other counties and municipalities in the submit Beaver State 95 sum up according to Community Broadband Networks who voted atomic number 49 years yore to choose out of SB 152

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†VG = Videogame Play; SS = Sensation Seeking; RB = Rebelliousness; AQ = Alcohol Quantity; AF = Alcohol Frequency; BG = Binge in Past 30 Days; EB = Ever Binge; Sm = free adult war games Smoke Past 30 Days; LC = Lifetime Cigarettes; DB = Delinquent Behavior; ES = Ever had Sex; SP = Number of Sex Partners; Con = Sex without Condom.

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